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  1. The notational conventions for sequences normally apply to nets as well.
  2. Notational conventions : Let be a variable ranging over sets of sentences.
  3. The notational conventions used in this article are as follows.
  4. This is simply a notational convention to avoid parentheses.
  5. By notational convention the recitatives are in common time.
  6. This notational convention allows reformulation the above definitions as
  7. Two competing notational conventions split the field of "'matrix calculus "'into two separate groups.
  8. For compactness and convenience, the notational convention implies summation over indices repeated within a term and universal quantification over free indices.
  9. This section discusses the similarities and differences between notational conventions that are used in the various fields that take advantage of matrix calculus.
  10. To read these it one needs to become familiar with the old clefs, time signatures, ligatures and notational conventions of the era.

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