not care a fig for meaning in Hindi

not care a fig for sentence in Hindi
रत्ती-भर भी परवाह नहीं करना
not:    न कि मत न नही नहीं
not care a fig:    रत्ती-भर भी परवाह
care:    हिफ़ाज़त दायित्व
a:    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
fig:    गूलर बड़ लिबास
for:    क्योंकि के लिए के
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  1. Al Qaeda may not care a fig for the Palestinians, but the conflict can bring in recruits and sympathy as perhaps no other.
  2. Though Oakley did not care a fig for women's right to vote, she did care _ passionately _ for women's right to bear arms.
  3. Seventy-four years ago, The Sunday London Times declared nine-tenths of the population of India to be " illiterates not caring a fig for politics ."

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