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नासा शंकु
nose:    माथा आगा सिरा
cone:    गजरौल गावदुम शंकु
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  1. The nose cone which the blades attach to weighs around 14 tonnes.
  2. The nose cone was found in July 1950, the film was destroyed.
  3. Then the nose cone blew away and the DC-9's instruments went haywire.
  4. A pair of control surfaces near the nose cone is also deleted.
  5. The aircraft was of all-metal construction, except for its fiberglass nose cone.
  6. The report said the nose cones split apart and disintegrated during launch.
  7. Same with the nose cone color; you can change it at will.
  8. For J-10B, the nose cone is modified to accommodate an PESA radar.
  9. The nose cone sank downrange from Cape Canaveral and was not recovered.
  10. An Ogive nose cone is also available to users, when required.
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  1. front consisting of the conical head of a missile or rocket that protects the payload from heat during its passage through the atmosphere

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