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  1. Because the normal distribution curve is symmetrical, probabilities for only positive values of Z are typically given.
  2. Moreover, psychoticism, unlike any of the other factors in either approach, does not fit a normal distribution curve.
  3. This suggests that information seeking behavior is a manifestation not of a normal distribution curve, but a power law curve.
  4. On a side note, does anyone know if there's a way of getting Excel to generate Normal distribution curves?
  5. :Another way to view it is by looking at a normal distribution curve-which helps those that like to visually identify concepts.
  6. From 1989 through 2001, Gauss's portrait, a normal distribution curve and some prominent G�ttingen buildings were featured on the German ten-mark banknote.
  7. The two subjects were no longer graded along the normal distribution curve but rather by criteria referencing ( with the exception of the highest grade, the 5 * ).
  8. These resembled sections of normal distribution curves, and demonstrated that statistical analysis of data from arbitrary levels could reveal chronological change just as could data from physically distinct strata.
  9. Is it possible to figure out what the other'values'in a normal distribution curve are, if you only have access to a limited amount of information?
  10. While Dr . Shewhart drew from pure mathematical statistical theories, he understood data from physical processes never produce a " normal distribution curve " ( a Gaussian distribution, also commonly called a " bell curve " ).
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