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• व्युत्क्रमणीय आव्युह

• व्युत्क्रमणीय आव्यूह
• व्युत्क्रमणीय मैट्रिक्स
matrix:    कोख गर्भाशय
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  1. Conversely, given a basic feasible solution, the columns corresponding to the nonzero variables can be expanded to a nonsingular matrix.
  2. Normally, multiplication by a square, nonsingular matrix is one-to-one and onto, but because RGB and YUV values are constricted on an interval, the transform can overflow.
  3. In other words, the components of a vector transform " contravariantly " ( with respect to the inverse ) under a change of basis by the nonsingular matrix " A ".
  4. While India s first first-generation ( using electronic valves ) computer TIFRAC ( Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Automatic Computer ) was designed and developed in TIFR, which was used by Professor G . N . Ramachandran, FRS to invert a nonsingular matrix of order 8.


  1. a square matrix whose determinant is not zero

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