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• असंगत अक्षर
nonsense:    बकबक बकवास
syllable:    शब्दांश अक्षर
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  1. The grammar was composed of four words, each composed of three nonsense syllables.
  2. Don't tell Frantz Conde that bip-bip-bip and dum-diddy-dum are nonsense syllables.
  3. This theory was tested by giving participants ten nonsense syllables.
  4. In vocal jazz, "'scat singing "'is vocal nonsense syllables or without words at all.
  5. Toby Twining and company rarely sing words, preferring nonsense syllables, scat-singing and strange-sounding consonants.
  6. Everywhere in " Smile " there are Wilson's beloved vocal chorales, counterpoint and nonsense syllables.
  7. The harmonies and nonsense syllables that once sounded like pure pop grace now undermine any reassurance.
  8. He is especially well known for his introduction and application of nonsense syllables in studying memory.
  9. Nonsense syllables were first introduced by Hermann Ebbinghaus in his experiments on the learning of lists.
  10. His raps were mostly in English with Russian, Sanskrit and nonsense syllables, based on jazz censor him.
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