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• अनर्थक दमनक
nonsense:    बकबक बकवास
suppressor:    दमनकारी पित्रैक
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  1. To create a viable tRNA  see nonsense suppressor ), it will produce a reduced number of the needed structural component.
  2. The frequency of this event is the ratio of the nonsense suppressor expression to the expression of the " correct " release factor for that stop codon.
  3. There, he and his colleagues identified many more muscle genes and investigated their role in muscle assembly and contraction, as well as discovering and analyzing transposable elements and nonsense suppressors.
  4. However, it was found that viable phage could sometimes be produced in the host with the weak nonsense suppressor if a second amber mutation in a gene that encodes another structural protein is also present in the phage genome.
  5. As a result, when the ribosome reaches the codon in question, the nonsense suppressor will sometimes bind and incorporate its amino acid ( instead of the regular release factor binding and causing termination ), allowing translation to continue.

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