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अनर्थक उत्परिवर्तन
निरर्थक उत्परितर्वन
nonsense:    बकबक बकवास
mutation:    उत्परिवर्तन
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  1. However, the paternal nonsense mutation at arginine 303 truncates the peptide.
  2. Examples of diseases in which nonsense mutations are known to be among the causes include:
  3. Nonsense mutations code for a stop codon.
  4. The mutation is caused by a nonsense mutation in " pde6b " gene.
  5. A clinical trial of Ataluren for nonsense mutations in CDKL5 and Dravet Syndrome has been announced.
  6. Benzer also proposed missense and nonsense mutations from his " r " II studies.
  7. A nonsense mutation in the TMEM126A gene has been shown to be related to optic atrophy.
  8. A nonsense mutation in one gene of an operon prevents the translation of subsequent genes in the unit.
  9. There are at least two other types of recognized point mutations, specifically missense mutation and nonsense mutation.
  10. In NMD, the mRNA transcript contains a premature termination codon ( PTC ) due to a nonsense mutation.
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