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निरर्थक आकृति
nonsense:    बकबक बकवास
figure:    आँकड़ा अलंकार
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  1. Whatever nonsense figure-skating judges have perpetuated in the past, they made the right call when they said Lipinski deserved the 1998 Olympic figure-skating gold medal.
  2. General Smiljanovic, a gruff, grey-haired no-nonsense figure in smart camouflage fatigues, insisted that Yugoslav air defense forces had shot down 7 NATO aircraft _ NATO says it has lost only one _ along with 3 helicopters, over 30 cruise missiles and three pilotless NATO drone reconnaissance aircraft.
  3. She has been described as " strong, confident and well organised " by Neil Kinnock, " a refreshing no-nonsense figure " by Phillip Whitehead and " guided by common sense and an antagonism ( which amounts almost to contempt ) towards the superficialities of political image-making " by Roy Hattersley.
  4. In an interview with Enid Nemy in The New York Times in 1983, Ms . Sarton was described as " a commanding, no-nonsense figure with clear blue eyes and a shock of white hair, " a woman who lived in " self-imposed loneliness " in a weathered clapboard house on the Maine coast.

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