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अनर्थक कोडॉन
nonsense:    बकबक बकवास
codon:    कोडान कोडॉन
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  1. Usually a nonsense codon ( stop codon ) or a four-base codon are used.
  2. Because of this terminology, stop codons have also been referred to as "'nonsense codons " '.
  3. Thus, nonsense codons lie more than 50-54 nucleotides upstream from the last exon boundary whereas natural stop codons are located within terminal exons.
  4. It has been observed that the ability of a nonsense codon to cause mRNA degradation depends on its relative location to the downstream sequence element and associated proteins.
  5. Eukaryotic messages are subject to surveillance by nonsense mediated decay ( NMD ), which checks for the presence of premature stop codons ( nonsense codons ) in the message.
  6. For example, m6A has been predicted to affect protein translation and localization, alternative polyA choice Pseudouridylation of nonsense codons suppresses translation termination both in vitro and in vivo, suggesting that RNA modification may provide a new way to expand the genetic code.
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