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• नाम के लिये
• नाममात्र
• नाम के लिये
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  1. Fatah's tactics have been opportunistic, duplicitous, and inconsistent since 1988, when Yasser Arafat nominally condemned terrorism and began the “peace process” with Israel - even as he simultaneously sponsored suicide terrorism and promoted an ideology totally rejecting Israeli legitimacy. This transparent deception enabled Fatah to gain great benefits from Israel, including a self-governing authority, a quasi-military force, vast Western subventions, and near-control of one border.
    फतह और हमास दोनों दिखने में अलग- अलग हैं लेकिन दोनों की आकांक्षा इजरायल को नष्ट करने की है लेकिन इसे प्राप्त करने के इनके तरीके अलग हैं .


  1. in name only; "nominally he is the boss"
  2. in name only; "nominally he is the boss"

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