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  1. They've been hiding out among the ticks and nettles.
  2. Bakersfield attempted to contact former manager Sparky Anderson before hiring Nettles.
  3. Even stinging nettles are perfectly fine to eat, she insists.
  4. He grasped the nettle and did it so cleanly and quickly.
  5. Nettles died in 1985, but Applewhite carried on his work.
  6. Mrs . Nettles'three youngest children stayed with their father.
  7. The Yankees'lease, in particular, nettles city auditors.
  8. That and a third baseman, and then we got Nettles.
  9. The nettles stung her fingers, but she kept on weaving.
  10. Nettles and other devoted players plan to testify against the change.
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