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  1. I frankly fail to see how this reminds him of Naziism.
  2. Every German grows up knowing that Naziism cannot be repeated,
  3. Then, as Naziism grew in Germany, Jews fled their homeland.
  4. Hitler had used the games in Berlin in 1936 to show off Naziism.
  5. These terrible years are being forgotten by those who today attempt to vindicate Naziism,
  6. Review the conversation for yourself, here : Talk : Nazi Party # Naziism.
  7. Its soldiers were the death of Naziism.
  8. Naziism is gone, Communism is gone, but anti-Semitism has a resiliency.
  9. And a harbinger of Naziism's not-too-distant grip on German culture.
  10. The one occasion where Grant does speak of heroes does not say a thing about Naziism.

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