nature meaning in Hindi

[ 'neitʃə ] sound:
nature sentence in Hindi
• श्रेणी
• गुण
• सत्व
• जगत
• सृष्टि
• जाति
• स्वभाव
• तबीयत
• स्वरूप
• धर्म
• अयान
• प्रकार
• प्रकृति
• क़ुदरत
• बनावट
• कुदरत
• भाव
• निसर्ग
• मायाशक्ति
• प्राणशक्ति
• रीति
• फितरत
• रूप
• फ़ितरत
• लक्षण
• जीवन शक्ति
• वर्ग
• सरिश्त
• विधि
• शक्ति
• आदत
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  1. by their very nature, had to have foreigners in them,
    पुस्तकों का मूल स्वभाव ही है कि उनमें विदेशी हों,
  2. So nature is very clever. It puts all the information
    तो प्रकृति बहुत चालाक है . यह सब जानकारी डालती है
  3. This reason for this goes to musical nature of Krishna's poetry.
    इसका कारण है- कृष्ण-का्य की संगीतात्मक्ता।
  4. 15. In this series, one can come across the descriptions of nature too.
    15. प्रकृति-वर्णन भी इस धारा में मिलता है।
  5. They also use the global nature of Internet
    वह इंटरनेट की वैश्विक प्रकृति का उपयोग भी करते हैं
  6. By nature, Bhagatsingh was not in favor of bloodshed.
    भगत सिंह मूलतः खूनखराबे के जोरदार पक्षधर नहीं थे ।
  7. a pure and innocent nature, a boy who saw the world
    बहुत ही शुद्ध और सरल विचार, एक लड़का जो जमाने को
  8. A dispute also arose about the nature of the jury .
    जूरी की प्रकृति के संबंध में भी विवाद उठ खड़ा हुआ था .
  9. And he had posted lots of nature videos in fact.
    असल में उसने कई प्रकृति पर बने विडियो पोस्ट किये हैं।
  10. Litigiousness is a strong characteristic of human nature .
    वादकारी मानव प्रकृति का एक प्रबल लक्षण है .
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  1. the complex of emotional and intellectual attributes that determine a person''s characteristic actions and reactions; "it is his nature to help others"
  2. the essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized; "it is the nature of fire to burn"; "the true nature of jealousy"
  3. a particular type of thing; "problems of this type are very difficult to solve"; "he''s interested in trains and things of that nature"; "matters of a personal nature"
  4. the natural physical world including plants and animals and landscapes etc.; "they tried to preserve nature as they found it"
  5. a causal agent creating and controlling things in the universe; "the laws of nature"; "nature has seen to it that men are stronger than women"

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