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• प्रकृति-प्रेक्षण
• प्राकृतिवादी प्रेक्षण
naturalistic:    प्राकृतिक
observation:    राय वचन विचार
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  1. Their approach was based on documented, naturalistic observations of hundreds and hundreds of babies.
  2. Gussow was a landscape painter who combined close-up naturalistic observation with an abstract style.
  3. There are several disadvantages and limitations to naturalistic observation.
  4. Maternal sensitivity is most commonly assessed during naturalistic observation of free play interactions between mother and child.
  5. Piaget wanted to examine the limits of naturalistic observation, in order to understand a child s reasoning.
  6. Observational methods are purely descriptive and include naturalistic observation, " contrived " observation, participant observation, and archival analysis.
  7. There are multiple methods of observational research such as " participant observations ", " non-participant observations " and " naturalistic observations ".
  8. In fact, Kamenetz brings to his subject unsparing psychological insight and a quality of naturalistic observation that is the opposite of sentimental.
  9. The scale is based on naturalistic observations completed by Ainsworth over a period of several hours and thus has no short procedure outline.
  10. There are different ways of assessing maternal sensitivity, such as through the use of naturalistic observation, the Strange Situation, maternal-synchrony, and maternal mind-mindedness.
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