natural action meaning in Hindi

natural action sentence in Hindi
• प्राकृतिक प्रक्रिया
• नैसर्गिक प्रक्रिया
natural:    पागल सबसे योग्य
action:    युद्ध अभियोग रचना
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  1. This is referred to as the " natural action ".
  2. How to get candid, natural action?
  3. Smooth, fluid, natural actions.
  4. His right-handed serve, with its natural action, epitomized power, control and placement.
  5. Hip-hop, he said, was about " the language of the body, natural actions ."
  6. This belief was no innovation, as the ordinary ancient populations of the Mediterranean did believe that natural actions were caused by divinities.
  7. The Finnish obsolete units of measurement were derived from natural actions or objects such body parts, later standardised for the purpose of commerce.
  8. In addition, there is a natural action of \ mathbb R _ { > 0 } on cv _ n by scalar multiplication.
  9. The problem of determining the field is zero, was solved by Alain Lascoux, using the natural action of " G ".
  10. Synthetic sorbates match the natural action of sorbic acid, which inhibits the growth of microbes and slows the growth of yeasts, molds and certain bacteria.
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