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  1. Other members of the Muscidae family grow up to half an inch long.
  2. Kert�sz correctly placed that family in the  Muscidae acalyptratae, in spite of its tachinid-like appearance.
  3. Adult flies of the families Sarcophagidae ( flesh flies ) and Muscidae are also common in this first stage of decomposition.
  4. House flies in the family Muscidae, mainly those in the genus " Sarcophaga ", are facultative parasitoids of Arionidae.
  5. The house fly is a member of the phylum Arthropeda, the Class Hexopoda, the order Diptera, the family Muscidae, the genus Musca, the species Domestica.
  6. Muscidae, some of which are commonly known as "'synanthropy, are worldwide in distribution and contain almost 4, 000 described species in over 100 genera.
  7. More recently new sigmaviruses have been discovered in diptera of six species; five in species of " Drosophila " and one in the family " Muscidae ".
  8. Unlike most members of the family Muscidae, " Stomoxys calcitrans " ('sharp mouth'+'kicking') and others of its genus suck blood from mammals.
  9. The initial colonizers of greatest importance are those of the family Calliphoridae, Sarcophagidae and Muscidae ( house flies ), as these are typically the first insects to lay eggs at remains.
  10. The Fanniidae, which used to be a subfamily ( Fanniinae ) of the Muscidae, share these characters, but may be separated from them by the absence of the identifying characteristics for the family Fanniidae.

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