muscat and oman meaning in Hindi

muscat and oman sentence in Hindi
muscat:    शुभंकर
and:    तथा एवं और एवं औ और
oman:    ओमान
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  1. This left Muscat and Oman in a difficult financial situation.
  2. Muscat and Oman was the object of British rivalry throughout the 18th century.
  3. On 24 June 1837, it was nominally annexed by Said bin Sultan of Muscat and Oman.
  4. They, being supported by South Yemen, Sultan of Muscat and Oman's Armed Forces.
  5. He was Commander of the Sultan of Muscat and Oman's Armed Forces between 1958 and 1961.
  6. During the 19th century, Muscat and Oman and the United Kingdom concluded several treaties of friendship and commerce.
  7. Said consolidated power with the help of the British SAS in regaining control of the tribal interior, bringing together Muscat and Oman.
  8. Said bin Sultan, Sultan of Muscat and Oman ( r . 1804-1856 ) sent a governor to Lamu around 1814.
  9. The Dhofar Rebellion was launched in the province of Dhofar against the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman and United Kingdom from 1962 to 1975.
  10. The MTT could also be found throughout the Arab world, especially in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Muscat and Oman, and in India.

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