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  1. He was murderously attacked by Earl Warenne and his followers.
  2. With the cabal breathing even more murderously down our backs it is time.
  3. Carlo Gozzi's original play fabricates an ancient China murderously and capriciously ruled.
  4. Kong, following, breaks open the gate and murderously rampages through the village.
  5. Hence a $ 5, 000 leather sofa may contain a murderously uncomfortable bed mechanism.
  6. Terrorists, the pundits say, harbor a murderously distorted version of the same impulse.
  7. A hammer can also bruise a thumb, or, wielded murderously, crack a skull.
  8. Kuttner finds a Marker shard, which causes a horrifying hallucination, making him murderously unstable.
  9. Apparently there is no better aid to family therapy than a murderously large meteor hurtling toward Earth.
  10. Boromir, for example, becomes murderously obsessed with the Ring, though he never possesses it.
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