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  1. Mulch should go down on prepared, weeded, fertilized soil.
  2. Mulch will hold moisture around the rhizomes and may induce rot.
  3. Almost any loose, coarse material may be used to mulch.
  4. But don't mulch unwrapped pots until the soil freezes.
  5. Winter mulch may keep them alive as far north as Boston.
  6. Mulch to keep weeds down and retain moisture in the soil.
  7. There are so many other mulches that do improve the soil.
  8. Milton gardener Hilda Morrill uses her homemade compost as a mulch.
  9. Cover the planted area with 6 inches of your favorite mulch.
  10. They used rocks as mulch to keep moisture in the soil.
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  1. a protective covering of rotting vegetable matter spread to reduce evaporation and soil erosion
  1. cover with mulch; "mulch the flowerbeds"

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