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• भोला-भाला
• उल्लू का पट्ठा
• मूर्ख आदमी
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  1. The Muggins Mountains Wilderness occupies the southwest portion of the range.
  2. The Muggins Mountains Wilderness is in the southwest and borders Dome Valley.
  3. :Jilly Muggins is another friend to Milly Molly Mandy.
  4. In variants of Muggins, the line of play may branch due to spinners.
  5. Two peaks are located in the wilderness, Muggins Peak at in the southeast,
  6. Muggins Weavery, with fine woven rugs and scarfs, is also worth a stop.
  7. On Christmas Eve, department store owner Ben Weaver insists Andy jail moonshiner Sam Muggins.
  8. :: : That was another big issue with the way Muggins was using video as a source.
  9. He also recorded blues songs for Capitol Records in 1949, under the pseudonyms Shorty Muggins and Charlie Green.
  10. The Muggins Mountains are a triangular block about on the SW and SE sides and on the north side.
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  1. a person who lacks good judgment
    synonyms:, , ,

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