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  1. An inviation to Mouton was prized above one to Elysee Palace.
  2. He didn't know much about Lyle Mouton, either.
  3. It also gives us a chance to play Mouton and Cameron.
  4. Today, Mouton is the very essence of a team player.
  5. Mouton and Doyle aren't certain where Gauthe is today.
  6. Mouton started a new life as a writer and world traveller.
  7. Guard Brandon Mouton has noticed the difference in Ford during practice.
  8. Outfielder James Mouton, 31, signed a minor league contract.
  9. Juan Dixon and Byron Mouton scored 22 points each for Maryland.
  10. Mouton was 1-for-17 hitting in 21 games.


  1. meat from a mature domestic sheep

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