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• खुरपका एवं मुंहपका रोग परियोजना निदेशालय
mouth:    मुँह खोलना चेहरा
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  1. Europe hit by mad-cow and foot-and-mouth diseases.
  2. They have a physician among them, Dr . Mohammed Ibrahim Moussa, but his specialty is mouth diseases.
  3. The diseases that particularly plague " O . b . celer " are gut parasites and food and mouth diseases.
  4. "This is especially important pertaining to the handling of livestock from zones infected with foot and mouth diseases, " it added.
  5. Government officials tried to reassure the public, many of them farmers already reeling from the panic over the spread of mad cow and foot-and-mouth diseases.
  6. Big food and agriculture companies have been on alert for several years because of worries about everything from mad cow and foot-and-mouth diseases to genetically modified foods.
  7. The Senate has authorized a commission of high-ranking officials to coordinate efforts to keep mad-cow and foot-and-mouth diseases out of the United States.
  8. Europe's twin outbreaks of mad cow and foot-and-mouth diseases have heightened concern about the adequacy of research and prevention programs under the two federal agencies.
  9. The story portrays contrasting images of a female narrator living in a provincial city affected by foot-and-mouth diseases and a young artist living in a major city.
  10. The agriculture ministry's livestock development department hopes to be able to stop the import of all diseased animals and eliminate hoof and mouth diseases by 2005, the newspaper said.
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