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• पर्वतकृत वर्षा
mountain:    पहाड़ पहाड़ अनेकता
rain:    बारिश होना बरसात
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  1. This results in frequent mountain rain storms that persist through the summer and fall.
  2. It grows beside watercourses in upland and mountain rain forest.
  3. "Smoky Mountain Rain " by Ronnie Milsap
  4. Typical of the Byzantine era water conduits or channels directed the mountain rains to cisterns or pools.
  5. The reservation receives approximately of rain per year due to its location in the Olympic Mountain rain shadow.
  6. Areas of mountain rain forests inland.
  7. Water must come from runoff from mountain rains, however, and the moisture _ and the crops _ are inconsistent.
  8. Others are " It Was Almost Like a Song, " pop crossovers " Smoky Mountain Rain " and " Getting Over Me,"
  9. In the wake of the front, another surge of cool air with mountain rain and snow showers will spread across the interior Northwest.
  10. Through the mid-1980s, such pop crossovers as " It Was Almost Like a Song " and " Smoky Mountain Rain " secured his stardom.
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