mountain pasture meaning in Hindi

mountain pasture sentence in Hindi

• पर्वत-चरागाह
mountain:    पहाड़ पहाड़ अनेकता
pasture:    चरनी चारा चारागाह
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  1. Cattle were typically " weaned and sent to a nearby mountain pasture,"
  2. Agricultural land in Central Asia is mostly desert and mountain pastures.
  3. It is a mountain pasture in the Central French Alps, in the 2013.
  4. One day the woman hikes to another lodge in a high mountain pasture.
  5. A European native it grows on chalky grass land and limestone mountain pastures.
  6. In many areas the upland forest has been cleared to make mountain pastures.
  7. He found Ms . Redd gathering cattle in a mountain pasture.
  8. Property of Montgomery . 45 acres of bog and mountain pasture.
  9. The area contains several old farms and mountain pasture farmsteads of historical interest.
  10. The mountain pastures of Cavagnago also make a valued place for summer holidays.
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