mountain meadow meaning in Hindi

mountain meadow sentence in Hindi

• पर्वत-बांगर
• पर्वत-शाद् व ल
• पर्वत-शाद्वल
mountain:    पहाड़ पहाड़ अनेकता
meadow:    घास का मैदान
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  1. The chapter on Utah details the infamous Mountain Meadows massacre of 1857.
  2. This plant grows in mountain meadows in southern Washington and northern Oregon.
  3. The murder of these settlers became known as the Mountain Meadows massacre.
  4. It grows in subalpine brush, mountain meadows, and openings in coniferous forests.
  5. It grows in the dry transition between mountain meadows and forests.
  6. In August 1857, Baker Fancher emigrant train near Mountain Meadows, Utah.
  7. Hundreds of tiny lakes dot the high mountain meadows and forests.
  8. Finals are scheduled March 27-28 at Mountain Meadows and Los Verdes golf courses.
  9. Do you deny the Mountain Meadows Event was not a Massacre?
  10. It can be found in mountain meadows, heaths, and willow woodlands.
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