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अभिप्रेरणात्मक प्रक्रम
motivational:    प्रेरक
process:    व्यवस्था क्रम
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  1. This construct specifically refers to motivational processes.
  2. O Reilly and Chatman ( 1986 ) conceptualized OI in terms of affective and motivational processes.
  3. These neuronal changes could play a role in causing disordered mood and motivational processes in more severely addicted users.
  4. Some researchers suggest that unconscious emotional and motivational processes are potentially just as important as cognitive and memory problems.
  5. The neurocircuitry that underlies executive function processes and emotional and motivational processes are known to be distinct in the brain.
  6. "If you take away the financial incentive, you've taken away an important part of the motivational process.
  7. The results supported the hypothesis suggesting that the left frontal-central hemisphere is relative for approach-motivational processes and narrowed attentional scope.
  8. Only recently has the study of motivational processes been extended to integrate biological drives and emotional states in the explanation of purposeful behavior in human beings.
  9. Due to its damaging repercussions, this technique has only been used on animals, but it has shed a lot of light on basic emotional and motivational processes.
  10. Consequently, the cognitive and motivational processes that usually generate positive feelings towards ingroup members are therefore extended or redirected to former outgroup members because of their recategorized ingroup status.
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