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मानीटर करने की युक्ति
monitoring:    जांच निगरानी
device:    साधन उपकरण जंतर
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  1. Kelly is under house arrest and must wear an electronic monitoring device.
  2. He will be under house arrest and must wear a monitoring device.
  3. More sophisticated trapping and monitoring devices were developed over the next decade.
  4. Sunbeam's health-care product package now includes blood monitoring devices, vaporizers and humidifiers.
  5. Doctors should be thankful more pregnant women don't own home monitoring devices.
  6. Therefore, many monitoring devices now include multiple methods of stimulating and recording.
  7. The Caltech Radon-Thoron Monitoring devices were remotely located throughout southern California.
  8. Scientists also outfitted them with an array of monitoring devices, including special caps.
  9. Fishermen carry vessel monitoring devices so the Coast Guard can track their location.
  10. So far, the machines have been used 28 times, mostly as monitoring devices.
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  1. display produced by a device that takes signals and displays them on a television screen or a computer monitor

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