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  1. Jackson feared that monied and business interests would corrupt republican values.
  2. Now the movement is a monied faction of that establishment.
  3. After Expo, amended federal immigration laws beckoned monied newcomers.
  4. Saab and BMW become the auto of the lucky monied.
  5. An awful lot of your candidates are going to pretty monied people.
  6. But for the monied, the craziness starts around midnight.
  7. Others speculated it was residents who felt shoved aside by monied newcomers.
  8. Three monied members of past governments are leading the race.
  9. We should not give monied might priority over social justice.
  10. Perot rivals Steve Forbes for credibility as a foe of the monied interests.
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  1. based on or arising from the possession of money or wealth; "moneyed interests"

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