molder meaning in Hindi

molder sentence in Hindi
• निर्माता
• स्थापक
• गलना
• सड़ना
• तबाह हो जाना
• बरबाद हो जाना
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  1. Tech is led by junior Bryce Molder and senior Matt Kuchar.
  2. But Philadelphia's image-molders suffered setbacks this summer.
  3. It's likely to be a temporary problem for Molder.
  4. May has become one of Bryce Molder's favorite months.
  5. This is New York, where old stories molder but never die.
  6. Wilson celebrates a wedge that separates opinion-molders from other Californians.
  7. Four of the paper's journalists molder in prison.
  8. What's a molder of young minds to do?
  9. Molder said referring to a Walker Cup loss to Donald last year.
  10. 12 : 55 p . m . _ Loren Roberts, Bryce Molder
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  1. break down; "The bodies decomposed in the heat"
    synonyms:, ,

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