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  1. These space vectors are then used to approximate the modulating signal.
  2. You are left with an amplitude modulated signal at the stage.
  3. At the receiver, these two modulating signals can be coherent demodulator.
  4. It is the number of distinct modulated signal or a line code.
  5. Another benefit of crystals was that they could demodulate amplitude modulated signals.
  6. Modulating signals are represented as a complex vector using a transformation equation.
  7. The output from the mixer is a frequency modulated signal.
  8. Recovery of the modulating signal is usually by direct detection, not heterodyning.
  9. Carrier and Modulating Signals for the Bipolar Pulsewidth Modulation Technique
  10. The modulated signal is shown below for both DBPSK and DQPSK as described above.
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