misappropriate meaning in Hindi

[ misə'prəuprieit ] sound:
misappropriate sentence in Hindi
अनुचित काम में लाना
खा पी जाना
गबन करना
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  1. "I had misappropriated power, " she continued.
  2. Talbott said there was no evidence fund money had been misappropriated.
  3. The civil rights pioneer sued them for allegedly misappropriating her name.
  4. People will be afraid to misappropriate public funds and take bribes.
  5. Some Western humanitarian aid deliveries in the past have been misappropriated.
  6. Were ABC . com found to have " misappropriated"
  7. The letter threatens a lawsuit for misappropriating Harding's image.
  8. I never promised Shevardnadze we would not take assets he misappropriated.
  9. RIM also claimed Good pirated product features and misappropriated trade secrets.
  10. Shortly thereafter, Reynolds was indicted on charges of misappropriating funds.
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  1. appropriate (as property entrusted to one''s care) fraudulently to one''s own use; "The accountant embezzled thousands of dollars while working for the wealthy family"
    synonyms:, , ,

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