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  1. Natural mineral springs were discovered in the municipality in the 16th century.
  2. Hamat Gader is site of natural hot mineral springs with temperatures reaching.
  3. Most of the Festive Food booths are located in Mineral Springs Park.
  4. The area also had mineral springs, and shipped bottled water to Istanbul.
  5. Of the 19 surviving mineral springs, 11 are recognized as state wells.
  6. In the late nineteenth century, Cambridgeboro was known for its mineral springs.
  7. It is named for a mineral springs near the original town site.
  8. Native Americans were well acquainted with the mineral springs in the area.
  9. Airmadidi means boiling water and the area is home to mineral springs.
  10. The mineral springs in Devin and Beden are very popular among tourists.

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