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mineral:    धातु पदार्थ दातु
association:    सम्मेलन मण्डली
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  1. Many surrounding land owners leased their mineral rights to the Mineral Association.
  2. Its mineral association includes nepheline, albite, aegirine, riebeckite, katophorite and quartz.
  3. In geochemistry, different factors can correspond to different mineral associations, and thus to mineralisation.
  4. The Mineral Association explored the land for about 18 months.
  5. In 1992, franklinphilite was revisited by Dunn, Peacor and Shu-Chu Su and given an International Mineral Association recognized name.
  6. Shortly after the shaft was in place, the rights to the mine were acquired by the Middle Georgia Mineral Association of Macon.
  7. The lack of cleavage, commonly euhedral crystal morphology, and mineral associations should also be used in identification of pyrope under the microscope.
  8. When the gemstones are in a rough state, the gemologist studies the external structure; the host rock and mineral association; and natural and polished color.
  9. Classification of hydrothermal ore deposits is also achieved by classifying according to the temperature of formation, which roughly also correlates with particular mineralising fluids, mineral associations and structural styles.
  10. He was active in a number of mining ventures in the northern Flinders Ranges : New Cornwall Mineral Association Ltd . in 1861, Duryea Mining Company in 1862, and was managing director of the Daly and Stanley Mining Company in 1868.
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