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[ ˌmili'æmpɛə ] sound:
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  1. They are typically in the order of some milliamperes.
  2. My phone line can supply up to 38 milliamperes.
  3. Current density reached 100 milliamperes / cm2.
  4. Relatively low sustained arc currents of a few milliamperes can cause eventual aging degradation of the cable.
  5. Accurate measurement of low currents ( a few milliamperes ) with a current transformer clamp is more difficult.
  6. They have built a 0.6-volt biofuel cell that can deliver currents of as much as 17 milliamperes.
  7. In 2014 researchers identified a liquid sodium-cesium alloy that operates at 1 produced 420 milliampere-hours per gram.
  8. Practical tunnel diodes operate at a few milliamperes and a few tenths of a volt, making them low-power devices.
  9. The strong charge needed for radial confinement of the ions requires large electron beam currents of tens up to hundreds of milliampere.
  10. Therefore, switching currents are often required in the range of several hundred milliamperes, or even in the range of amperes.


  1. one thousandth of an ampere

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