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  1. Mie theory has been used in the detection of oil concentration in polluted water.
  2. It is an extension of Mie theory and thus sometimes called Mie-Gans theory.
  3. For spherical particles one can calculate single-scattering albedo from Mie theory and knowledge of bulk properties of material such as refractive index.
  4. See sunset which discusses this, also scattering and Mie theory .-- jjron 17 : 08, 8 September 2007 ( UTC)
  5. However, for very large hydrometeors, since the wavelength is on the order of stone, the return levels off according to Mie theory.
  6. Included are the Rayleihg law for small particles, the Chandrasekhar solution of the planetary scattering problem, and the Mie theory for large particle scattering.
  7. Scattering by particles similar to, or larger than, the wavelength of light is typically treated by the Mie theory, the discrete dipole approximation and other computational techniques.
  8. Majority of existing codes for calculation of electromagnetic scattering by a single cylinder are based on Mie theory, which is an analytical solution of Maxwell's equations in terms of infinite series.
  9. At larger ratios, scattering varies in a complex fashion, described for spherical particles by the Mie theory; the laws of geometric optics begin to apply at a ratio of the order of 10.
  10. Note : Mie theory is very complicated, and is not easily explained with text, so, diagrams are necessary to show the outcomes / results of multiple successive Rayleigh Scatterings, followed by Mie Scattering .)

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