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  1. He teaches undergraduate courses in field geology, sedimentology and micropaleontology.
  2. Much of her career was spent in the field of micropaleontology, specializing in microfossils.
  3. She then returned to California, and studied micropaleontology, earning a Master's degree.
  4. Micropaleontology is also a tool of Geoarchaeology used in archaeological reconstruction of human habitation sites and environments.
  5. The major subdivisions of paleontology include paleozoology ( animals ), paleobotany ( plants ) and micropaleontology ( microfossils ).
  6. In his laboratory he worked as a consultant for oil companies, as well as teaching classes in micropaleontology and performing research.
  7. Riesselman uses diatom micropaleontology and stable isotope geochemistry in marine sediments to examine the evolution of the Antarctic cryosphere through the Cenozoic.
  8. Concheyro has conducted Antarctic research campaigns from 1988 up to 2009, being one of the pioneers in Antarctic micropaleontology and biostratigraphy disciplines.
  9. Emiliani studied geology at the University of Bologna in post-war Italy and earned his first doctorate in Geology ( micropaleontology ) also at Bologna in 1945.
  10. "' Amy Leventer "'is an American Antarctic researcher specialising in micropaleontology, with specific research interests in marine biology, and climate change.


  1. the paleontology of microfossils

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