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  1. The chip was made by Micron's PC Tech unit.
  2. Micron said orders for memory chips are increasing, not slackening.
  3. And he continues to rate Micron and Texas Instruments as buys.
  4. Micron Technology Inc . fell 5 to 50 1 / 8.
  5. Micron's stock at the same time it sold shares.
  6. One of its subsidiaries, Micron Electronics, makes personal computers.
  7. Some stocks, including Micron Technology, lost half their value.
  8. By January, Micron had lost more than half its value.
  9. Micron and others have seen sales slump as chip prices fell.
  10. Micron Technology's main business is making computer memory chips.


  1. a metric unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter

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