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  1. There, it is composed of intercalations of limestone ( micrite ) and sandy siltstones.
  2. The fossil impressions are preserved in micrite limestones, resulting in low quality preservation of fine details.
  3. They are typically 0.03 to 0.3 mm long and composed of carbonate mud ( micrite ).
  4. A biomicrite is a limestone composed of fossil debris ( " bio " ) and calcium carbonate mud ( " micrite " ).
  5. The calcareous particles of these organic components supported the formation of micrite mud, a limestone constituent that enabled the development of the local karst.
  6. Another series of species were described from compression fossils found in thin layers and concretions of micrite from the " insect bed " and older stratum of the Bembridge Marls.
  7. It consists of conglomerate equivalent to Mount Zeehan Conglomerate, sandstone, siltstone, shale and micrite equivalent to the Gordon Group, and finally equivalents to the Eldon Group ( to Devonian ).
  8. It is very similar in outcrop appearance to the Atima limestone ( generally consisting of thick-bedded grey micrite ), but it does not achieve the thicknesses common to the Atima, probably never exceeding thickness, more commonly around 100 meters.

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