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  1. Boeing does not use metallized Mylar insulation in its planes.
  2. Metallizing refers to coating metal on non-metallic objects.
  3. All remaining structural steel was blast cleaned, metallized, and painted.
  4. For MLCCs alternating metallized ceramic layers are stacked one above the other.
  5. Most EMI / RFI suppression film capacitors are metallized polypropylene film capacitors.
  6. Thermal spray processes are often referred to as metallizing.
  7. Zinc and aluminum are the most commonly used materials for metallizing steel structures.
  8. Metallized film capacitors offer self-healing properties.
  9. During winding of the capacitor body, the paper was removed from the metallized film.
  10. Metallic foils replace the color layer with a layer of chrome or vacuum-metallized aluminum.

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