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  1. Art Advisory : With photo of Goldie Medick ( NNS2)
  2. Black medick belongs to the same genus as alfalfa.
  3. Black medick is sometimes used as a fodder plant.
  4. MRC chief executive Jim Medick said.
  5. Like other legumes, the roots of black medick contain nodules hosting nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
  6. Medick said she can barely scrape together $ 70 a month to pay for her prescription drugs.
  7. Lewisham retains important areas of acid grassland that support locally rare wild plants such as Spotted medick.
  8. Goldie Medick, for example, needs surgery to remove ovarian cysts but has no health insurance to pay for it.
  9. There are several plants growing in the park, including fruit trees, dog roses, margarites, medick and knautia.
  10. The temporary staffing agency she worked for didn't offer health insurance, and Medick couldn't afford to buy it on her own.

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