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  1. Try as hard as he can, Hill is no meanie.
  2. Jane leaves her day planner in the meanie's limo.
  3. The season officially ended with " Genie Meanie Minie Mo ".
  4. A big meanie ( Andy Richter ) wants the chip.
  5. After Goldust defeated Meanie at The Godfather two weeks later.
  6. :Meanie voted once and his sockpuppet boatingfaster voted once.
  7. On May 21, Valentino wrestled The Blue Meanie ( with Gillberg.
  8. In the ending, he gives her a Green Meanie costume too.
  9. How about one with me flexing my biceps and making a meanie face?
  10. Richards, The Blue Meanie and Super Nova subsequently broke away from Raven.
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  1. a person of mean disposition

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