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  1. Woodworking joints may be fitted by chalking one of the mating surfaces.
  2. Thus the mating surfaces to be joined must be kept clean.
  3. It does so by inhibiting contact between mating surfaces, reducing friction and associated heat.
  4. The mating surface seals to the cylinder head with a rubber O-ring style gasket.
  5. The main wear in electromagnetic couplings occurs on the faces of the mating surfaces.
  6. It has a good abrasion resistance but is better suited to soft mating surfaces.
  7. Mated surfaces between touching parts like gears are often sized.
  8. Other failure modes are severely grooved / damaged clutch mating surface, grease loss, and cracking.
  9. An HSK toolholder has both a tapered shank, and a flange with a mating surface.
  10. A resultant colossal mate surfaces, watches him die, and sinks down again to the seabed.
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