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मास्टर पॉलिसी
मुख्य पॉलिसी
master:    मास्टर अधिपति
policy:    चतुराई नीति
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  1. Binding discussions would require that they master policies, guidelines, and content discussions.
  2. But the Masters policy was to invite the Canadian winner only if he were a Canadian.
  3. Right now, admins have to master policies and guidelines in order to carry out their duties.
  4. The contractual provisions in the master policy have received increased scrutiny since the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States.
  5. The master policy includes various conditions including exclusions ( conditions for denying coverage ), conditions for notification of loans in default, and claims settlement.
  6. The Master Policy Holder also ensures each member gets their certificate of coverage stating the details of the premium paid, cover available, term of the cover and the claims process
  7. In mortgage insurance, a master policy issued to a bank or other mortgage-holding entity ( the policyholder ) lays out the terms and conditions of the coverage under insurance certificates.
  8. Master policies generally require timely notice of default include provisions on monthly reports, time to file suit limitations, arbitration agreements, and exclusions for negligence, misrepresentation, and other conditions such as pre-existing environmental contaminants.
  9. b . to save administrative costs, there is often a Master Policy Holder who will retain the documentation on behalf of the members, and may deal with the members on behalf of the insurer
  10. The Master Policy Holder of a Group Life Insurance Plan in the case of an " Employer Employee Group " is basically the Employer and for other groups would be the entity that has an insurable interest in the lives of its members.
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