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• मूल कापी
master:    मास्टर अधिपति
copy:    अनुकृति कापी नकल
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  1. Episode 3 ( 1976 ) has been excised from the master copy.
  2. Scholars came from Germany and North Africa to copy his master copy.
  3. Once completed, the master copy was then sent to a distributor.
  4. New songs were distributed by the band librarian who maintains the master copy.
  5. The master copies have never emerged and are thought to have been lost.
  6. The master copy of the ITSD is held at the Launceston.
  7. Workers will preserve a master copy, from which viewing copies will be made.
  8. The bottom of each letter displayed the file name for the master copy.
  9. There are master copies on cassette in circulation though ( albeit, very few ).
  10. Neither Zenodotus nor Aristarchus mentioned any authentic master copy from which to make corrections.
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  1. an original creation (i.e., an audio recording) from which copies can be made

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