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  1. This requires a vessel known as a mash tun, which is often insulated.
  2. Lochside was latterly fitted with a cast iron mash tun and open stainless steel washbacks.
  3. This includes the installation of a new mash tun, new stills and new wash backs.
  4. Three floors were removed to make room for four copper stills and a mash tun.
  5. The Glenspey mash tun was the very last fitted by Newmill engineering before they closed down.
  6. The milled grain is mixed with hot water in a large vessel known as a mash tun.
  7. In 2010 Kilbeggan became a fully operational distillery once again, with the installation of a mash tun and fermentation vats.
  8. Some mornings, he takes a little of the mash from the mash tun and _ presto ! _ breakfast cereal.
  9. The polished steel mash tun and kettle dominate the bar area; and they brew their own beer on a weekly basis.
  10. Tours of the facility can be arranged by reservation as well . mash tun can be seen in the background ]]
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