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बर्खास्तगी का आदेश
marching:    यातायात आवागमन
orders:    प्रणाली अनुशासन
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  1. Those two companies set the standards and the marching orders for PCs.
  2. As a senior chinovnik ( bureaucrat ), I understand my marching orders.
  3. Economic integration seems to be the marching order for the Western world.
  4. I do not take my marching orders from a group of individuals.
  5. Everywhere I go, soldiers ask me when will we get marching orders,
  6. Boruch then claims his marching orders come from the then dead Besht.
  7. In interviews, many speakers said they were given only general marching orders.
  8. Officers are given Marching Orders to change ministries within the Salvation Army.
  9. Simply preaching the Gospel and preaching the Gospel simply were his marching orders.
  10. The defense has yet to be given its full set of marching orders.
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  1. an order from a superior officer for troops to depart
  2. (informal) a notice of dismissal or discharge

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