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  1. Chena Hot Springs has visibility of the Aurora borealis, especially around the March equinox.
  2. The New Year's Day always falls on the March equinox.
  3. The World Sleep Day is held annually on the Friday before the March Equinox.
  4. This sets the holiday on the Sunday following the first full moon after the March equinox.
  5. The Gregorian calendar uses the March equinox year.
  6. The subsolar point crosses the equator moving northward at the March equinox and southward at the September equinox.
  7. However, in the six months from the September equinox to March equinox the North Pole receives no sunlight.
  8. From the March Equinox to the September Equinox, it rises a bit north of east, and sets a bit north of west.
  9. From the September Equinox to the March Equinox, it rises a bit south of east and sets a bit south of west.
  10. In the Northern Hemisphere the March equinox is known as the "'vernal equinox "', and in the Southern Hemisphere as the "'autumnal equinox " '.

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