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मार्च अनुशासन
march:    उन्नति मार्च
discipline:    अभ्यास आत्मसंयम
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  1. M'Cay objected to the undertaking, but nevertheless imposed strict march discipline on his men.
  2. But the Franks plodded ahead, keeping a strict march discipline and making partial charges when their enemies pressed too close.
  3. The march discipline of the Imperial Guard was so good that the Allies were unaware of their departure until the next morning.
  4. Captain Parker described the march discipline  " As we marched through the country of our Allies, commissars were appointed to furnish us with all manner of necessaries for man and horse . . . the soldiers had nothing to do but pitch their tents, boil kettles and lie down to rest . " In response to Marlborough's manoeuvres, the Elector and Marsin, conscious of their numerical disadvantage with only 40, 000 men, moved their forces to the entrenched camp at Dillingen on the north bank of the Danube.

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