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[ mə'naiəkəl ] sound:
maniacal sentence in Hindi
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  1. Travolta goes maniacal and steals the bomber's nuclear warheads.
  2. Manning combats this extra attention with an almost maniacal preparation process.
  3. Try to imagine putting this request to the maniacal Tom Coughlin:
  4. She became a maniacal rehearser eager to learn, to listen.
  5. PLUSES : The movie fizzes with a maniacal if unfocused energy.
  6. They missed the obvious and were maniacal on the small stuff.
  7. I'm not maniacal enough to be a war correspondent.
  8. Nicklaus, too, was capable of maniacal persuasion of himself.
  9. Giuliani said, calling the terrorists " maniacal ."
  10. He takes on this task with a near-maniacal fervor.


  1. wildly disordered; "a maniacal frenzy"

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